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"UpDoc seems to be thinking about how they can do better for our organization, and to be honest, we have never had anyone with their skills, insights, imagination, or proactive energy working in this area for us. We couldn’t be happier."    -- Cheryl Kelly, President MMS 
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What's On The FREE Golden Key USB?
Here’s what you get loaded onto the FREE USB:
Exact word-for-word templates, ads, emails, and scripts we used to grow dozens of physical therapy practices, chiropractic clinics, and gyms of all shapes and sizes. Enabling each of them to finally take control of their marketing and grow their business profitably and predictably.
Detailed video training that walks you step-by-step how to use and implement each of these proven systems into your business.
An exclusive opportunity to WIN a complete marketing ecosystem buildout done for you by the UpDoc Marketing team at absolutely no cost to you.
5 Lucky Winners Will Get The UpDoc Marketing Team To Build, Implement & Launch Their Complete Marketing Ecosystem
A Letter To You:
From: The UpDoc Team
At UpDoc we are on a constant mission to delivery industry best results to as many business as we can.
Over the past year we have developed 3 simple systems that never fail to provide business altering results. 
Now, before we give you the key to unlock these "marketing treasures", we want to warn you that you need to be prepared for the shift it will have on your business.
These "shifts" will change your marketing forever. From "I think its working" to predictable and profitable business growth.
Now, how can we make such a bold claim?
Let me explain… you’re getting step-by-step blueprints for three marketing systems we used to grow dozens of practices, clinics, and gyms across the country.
And the best part is, these proven systems deliver almost immediate results.
You’ll gain valuable insight into marketing campaigns that are producing massive results in your market right now.
You’ll also get the exact templates including ads, emails, and scripts… along with video training explaining click-by-click how to implement these systems into your business.
Being the savvy business owner that you are, you understand the incredible power of having just ONE massively profitable marketing channel for your business... and how quickly it can “turn the revenue dial”.
Having the right marketing systems in place is how our clients are able to see massive results in their businesses in just 6-12 months. Now, I think this is obvious but I want to make sure you understand the massive value here:
You’re getting an exclusive “full access peek” at what’s working right now.
To put it in perspective, these are the exact systems our clients pay us ten of thousands of dollars for... clearly mapped out step-by-step...with the actual pages, emails, and scripts!
These systems took my team and I hundreds of hours of constant testing and refinement
You get our award worthy "production edition" in all it's glory.
The best part is you’ll be able to easily and quickly copy and implement these steps to Build Your Own Results Based Marketing Ecosystem... even if you’ve never done any marketing before or don’t think marketing can work for you.
After building out marketing systems for dozens of business across the country, we are confident there’s a winning marketing system for you, no matter how “niche” your business is.
It’s all clearly mapped out for you, piece-by-piece, so there’s zero confusion about how to model it for your business and see results right away.
Now, what if you haven’t done any marketing before or are worried you won’t be able to figure out the “tech”?
We've Made It As Easy As Possible So You Can Put This Into Action Immediately.
The bottom line - even if you’ve never done marketing before, you’ll still be able to build these out in a day or two tops... and if you’ve done it before, this should only take you a few hours.
The best part is nothing here is based on theory - these are all real, verifiable results we’ve produced for our clients in just the past year.
In fact, helping business go from "ground zero" to marketing driven business growth is what we do for a living.
At UpDoc we have a knack for “unlocking” growth through marketing channels… and our results have been pretty unbelievable.
30 5 Star Google Reviews In 5 Days
Dozens Of New Appointments From Facebook & Instagram
Boosting Google Maps Ranks
We want to ship you our top-performing Marketing Systems on one of these Golden Key USB drives. Unlock a "treasure chest" of the exact ads, emails, and scripts we use so you can stop guessing and hoping and finally start feeling confident that your marketing is bringing in real results for your business.
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Unlock Your Business Growth
We've filled these USB Keys to the brim with:
 The exact templates and click by click training on how to use them to get a tidal wave of 5 star reviews.
 The exact ads and posts we use to ignite social media and get new patients and members calling daily asking for the "Facebook Offer".
 The exact process we use to take businesses to the top of Google Maps search results.
Each One Of These Marketing Systems Comes With:
Templates, Scripts & Emails
Word for word emails, and review campaign templates.
The exact ads and post we use on Facebook and Instagram
The step by step process we use to climb the charts on Google Maps
Click-by-Click Videos
The best part is, I’m not going to just hand you the high-level marketing systems and leave you to figure it out for yourself... you’ll also get a step-by-step video walk through for you to follow along and implement these proven systems into your business click-by-click.
These Golden Key USBs Give You Absolute Clarity On How Businesses Are Using Digital Marketing To Fuel Their Growth.
Before We Go Any Further We Want To Set The Record Straight
Businesses across the country pay us thousands of dollars a month to help them build and implement these systems… the same ones I’m giving away to you for FREE.

Now, even though you’re saving thousands to have access to this information, we recommend you treat this as if you did invest the full amount. 

If you do, you will get a lot more out of the content, and your Golden Key will become like a private consultation with UpDoc Marketing

Actually, speaking of which....
5 Winning Keys
5 out of the 500 Golden Keys will be a 
“WINNING KEY” that looks like this:
If you are lucky enough to receive one of these... The UpDoc Marketing Team will build, implement, and launch a complete marketing ecosystem for your business.

You'll Walk Away With:
 An automated 5 star review collection system.
 A fully implemented new members from social media system.
 An optimized Google business listing to increase your local search rank.
In other words, everything you need to hit the ground running...
Claim Your Golden Key Packed With Proven Marketing Systems and Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Implement Them
Ok, so what's the catch?
Now you’re might be wondering - why would we just give you the exact campaigns, emails, and ads that took us hundreds of hours to unlock... not to mention tens of thousands of dollars to test and optimize?
Well, there are actually a few reasons…
  If we give you something of MASSIVE VALUE, something that can literally change your business, you will experience 1st hand how effective digital marketing can be. 
  We earn our worth on the battlefield, helping local business owners gain an edge over their competition. We sell results - not courses.
  By going down this path, we will begin to build a relationship; and, if there’s mutual interest, we just might get the opportunity to work together — taking your business to the next level. And, if not, we’ll stay in touch knowing that you have all the tools you need… all you need to do now is fuel up and go!
Claim your Golden Key 
before they’re all gone!
So, it all comes down to this:  we put these Golden Key USBs together on top of our usual everyday work with our clients and we only ordered 500 of them. And although we are beyond excited to share these Golden Keys - it took a lot of time to put these together and get them ready to ship out. Needless to say, we don't plan on ordering more anytime soon.
If you’re reading this now, we DO have at least ONE Golden Key in stock and ready to ship to you. But if you come back later, there is a very good chance that the remaining FREE Golden Keys will have been given away to somebody else… and an even better chance there won’t ever be any again.
So, here’s what to do next…
All that’s left is to just finalize the details.
All you gotta do to claim your FREE Golden Key USB is to enter your shipping details where it says “Shipping”. 
We will do our very best to ship your Golden Key the same day, so you should find in on your doorstep in just a few days.
We cannot wait for you to plug these keys in your computer and start implementing these systems into your business - just putting one of these proven assets into play can transform your marketing.
We can’t wait for you to plug these in your computer and start implementing these into your business - just putting one of these proven assets into play can double or triple your business in a matter of months.
Be Bold My Friends,
- UpDoc Team
P.S. In case you’re like me and skim these pages, we are giving you a Golden Key USB Drive filled with Three (3) tried-and-true Marketing Systems - One for reviews, one for social media, and one for climbing the local Google Ranks. Each one is fully mapped out with every single post, email, script, and ads…along with “click-by-click" video training… 100% FREE. All we ask is you pay the small shipping/handling fee so we can get it to your doorstep.
Claim Your Golden Key Packed With Proven Marketing Systems and Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Implement Them